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Helgøy Vind was delivered by Targa Botnia in may 2018, and is mostly used for smaller groups with a need to reach their destination quickly. The boat is equipped with engines/sterndrive from Volvo Penta, the engines are located abaft, which yields a low-noise level, which in turn provides comfort for our passengers. Targa 37 is known for its excellent marine features. Båten held ein marsjfart på inntil 36 knop. There are 3 cabins on board, which makes longer trips along the coast possible if the need arises.
The boat is equipped with Dynamic Positioning and is well suited for on-call transport or similar, as well as changing crew activity.

M/S Helgøy Lyn
6 passengers
Type: Charter/transport service
Area boundary: out to the territorial boundaries.
Call signal: LF6178
Build year/place: 2018/Targa, Botnia
Passenger capacity: 6 persons
Cruising/max speed: 36/42 knots
Materials: sandwich/composite
Length: 12,75 meters
Width: 3,50 meters
Depth: 1,10 meters
Machinery: 2 x Volvo Penta
Nav Equipment: 1 Furuno 2117 radar, 1 Garmin Radar, GPS/comp. Garmin/volvo map/monitoring system. AIS, DP

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