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Lysefjord is one of the most famous fjords in Norway. Take a trip along the fjord to Flørli and Lysebotn. Here you can walk in the world’s longest staircase. 4.444 steps take you 740 meters up the mountain. The staircase was originally built in connection with the power station at Flørli. The station was built in 1917 and the plan was to secure power for a planned smelleder in Flørli.
In the 18th century, Flørli was a vibrant community with a number of residents and its own school. Today, only two residents remain.

The Flørli Staircase
Flørli is a well-known tourist destination. There are 4 444 steps up to the top. The trip up and down takes about 3-4 hours, so those who choose to walk the stairs will come aboard as the cruise ventures back out.
The view from the top of the stairs is well worth the struggle. We guarantee it. Please do not forget your camera.

Guided village walk in Flørli
For those interested, Hessel Baker and Flørli4444 offer a guided village walk in Flørli. The trip costs NOK 100,- for adults and NOK 50,- for children. The trip starts approx. 12.30 Tickets can be purchased when you buy a cruise ticket, or you can buy a ticket on board on your way in. The village tour gives insight into the life in the Flørli village from the beginning of the 18th century. You will hear about the incredibly demanding development of the power plant in Flørli.

After the stop by Flørli, we continue toward Lysebotn. Here we are docked for approx. 2 hours. We may spot the mountain bolt of Kjerag if the weather permits. The mountain plateau of Kjerag sits 1000 meters above sea level and is an internationally recognized location for base jumpers from all over the world. If we are lucky we may see jumps as we pass by below, scouting for the Kjerag bolt.

A light lunch is included in the price. The café in Flørli offers lunch or dinner options. Or perhaps an ice cream with coffee, if you prefer.

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Terms of travel – Helgøy Skyssbåt (

Trip information

Departure times
Cruises run every Sunday from June 27th to August 15th

09.00 Grønvik Return 18.00
09.10 Byre Return 17.50
09.15 Sør Bokn Tilbake ca. 17.45
09.20 Sørvåg, Fogn Return 17.40
09.35 Sør-Talgje, Finnøy Return 17.25
09.50 Tau Return 17.10
10.10 Jørpeland Return 16.50
11.45 Flørli Return 13.45
Return departure from Flørli approx. 16.15

Adult NOK 749
Children NOK 449 (ages 4-16)
Family NOK 1.998,-
Guiding in Flørli NOK 100,-/50,-

Lunch is served. This is included in the price. The café in Flørli offers lunch or dinner options. Here you can also buy snacks to bring along while walking the stairway. On board we have a small self-service kiosk where you can purchase coffee, mineral water and various snacks.

If you are going to walk the stairs in Flørli, it is important with weather appropriate gear and clothing. Remember that on top of the Flørlisteps you are above the mountain treeline.


Route map

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