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Lysefjorden is one of the most famous fjords in Norway. It stretches 42 kilometers inwards from Høgsfjorden and Forsand. The fjord contains several famous landmarks and attractions. The most famous is the Pulpit Rock. This famous square plateau rises 604 meters above sea level, just like a pulpit. The Pulpit Rock is one of Norway’s largest tourist attractions with several hundred thousand visitors every year.

Fantahola is a mountain side hole-in-the wall named after travelling “vagrants” who stole and escaped the police by rowing into the hole to hide. When the police rowed after them, they climbed the stone pile in the inner part of the case and threw rocks at the policeman when he climbed after them. The policeman gave up and the “vagrants” were free to see another day.

Further into the fjord we reach Flørli. Here you can walk the steps of the world’s longest staircase. 4444 steps take you 740 meters up the mountain. The staircase was originally built in connection with the power station at Flørli. The station was built in 1917 and the plan was to secure power for a planned smelleder in Flørli. The smelleder was postponed, but the construction of the power station had already begun, so in 1918 Flørli started its power production. The station was replaced by a new power station inside the mountain in 1999. During the 18th century, Flørli was a vibrant community with a number of residents and its own school. Today, only two residents remain.

Kjerag is a well-known landmark in the inner parts of Lysefjorden. Kjeragbolten sits 1084 meters above sea level, and reigns as the King of Lysefjord. The bolt is a rock that looks as if it is wedged between a gap in the mountain. For those who muster, it is possible to step onto the rock itself.

Lysebotn is at the bottom of the fjord. Today, the village doesn’t have any permanent residents. During the winter, the road over the mountain is closed. The only way to Lysebotn is via the fjord. But in summer you can drive from Sirdal and over to Lysebotn. To reach the fjord, you must pass through 27 hairpin, and continue 930 meters from Øygardsstølen, which lies on the edge before starting on the descent.

Lysebotn is known for its power production. Lyse owns a state-of-the-art power plant inside the mountain, which was opened in 2018.


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