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Ryfylke’s hidden treasure
Hylsfjorden is located in the north of Ryfylke, and is a branch of Sandsfjorden. It is one of the most spectacular fjords in the region, where it cuts through high mountains and idylllic settlements. Today, this fjord may be one of the best hidden treasures in Ryfylke: The fjord has a rich history as one of the most important trade routes between the east and west during the 17th century. Hylsfjorden ends in the village of Hylen, the location of  Hylen power station. The power station is protected, and part of Northern Europe’s largest hydroelectric power building – Ulla Førre.

Cruise to Hylen and Sand
On a cruise in Hylsfjorden you will experience the magnificent scenery, idylllic settlements, exciting stories and foods from local producers in Suldal and Ryfylke. On our way back we stop by the charming beach village in Sand. Among white wooden houses, produce markets and genuine experiences by the foot of the fjord. Sand offers local specialty shops, cafés and beer gardens by the fjord. It is also possible to join a village walk through the city center. For more information about the town, visit the Suldal website.

The treasure chest of Suldal by Lise Bjelland
Sand is also the outlet of the 22-kilometer-long Suldal salmon river. The town is known for its wild salmon, and you can experience Sandsfossen and learn more about the wild salmon in Norway’s first salmon studio just a 10-minute walk from the town center. Here is also “Hess Bridge”, a well-known architectural walkway across the river, Suldalslågen.

Local guide
We bring along a local guide that share stories from the villages and farms along the fjord, and from the time the fjord was an important trade route between the east and west.

Local food
During the trip we sample a selection of locally produced foods from Ryfylke. This is included in the price. However, you may want to think about bringing a snack for a full meal. Especially for those who come aboard south of Suldal. There will be opportunities to buy food at the coffee shops at Sand, or you may bring your own. We serve coffee on board and offer drinks on board with us.

Terms of travel – Helgøy Skyssbåt (

Trip information

Wednesdays in July and August
July 7th, 14th, 21th and 28th,
and August 4th and 11th.

Departure times
08.45 Judaberg (Finnøy) Return 15.45
08.50 Sør-Bokn Return 15.35
08.55 Byre Return 15.30
09.10 Grønvik (Fister) Return 15.15
09.30 Hjelmeland (Vågen) Return 14.45
09.35 Nesvik Return. 14.40
09.50 Jelsa Return 14.25
09.55 Foldøy Return 14.20
10.00 Hebnes Return 14.15
10.10 Marvik Return 14.05
10.25 Ropeid Return 13.50
10.30 Sand Return 12.30
We are docked approximately 1 hour at Sand before returning.


Local guide in Norwegian.

Adult NOK 499
Child NOK 199,- (ages 4 – 16)
Family – 2 adults and up to 4 children NOK 1 099,-

Route map

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