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Jøsenfjorden stretches into the far corner of Hjelmeland municipality, in the middle of Ryfylke. The steep mountains carry heights of more than 700 meters above sea level on each side of the fjord. Farms appears on both sides of the fjords, several which still operate today, but also abandoned farms and former settled properties.
A boat trip on the fjord is a memorable experience. Mighty mountains break straight up from the sea, with the characteristic royal peak, “Skomakarnibba”, right in the center of the mountainside. The mountain formation “Skomakernibba” (Shoemakers peak) got its name from the legend of a shoemaker sitting at tip of the mountain edge while fixing a pair of shoes. You will hear more about the story as we sail onwards. If you are lucky, you may spot white-tailed eagles floating over the fjord.

The boat trip goes all the way to Førrebotn. Few have ventured here. The place was key during the development of the Ulla-Førre power plant. Today the place is uninhabited and it is not possible to reach Førre by car. Førrebotn is a special place. As we come closer toward Førre we experience the mountains circling around us, the cellphones lose coverage and we are completely secluded. A powerful place.
New: Now you can buy gift cards for our trips.

New: Now you can buy gift cards for our trips. Order here.

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Trip information

Departure times
Cruises run every Thursday from June 24th to August 12th.

Judaberg 17.35, Return 20.50
Sæbøvåg 17.40, Return 21.00
Hjelmeland (Vågen) 18.30, Return 20.30

From Judaberg and Sæbøvåg
Adult NOK 449,-
Child NOK 199,- (ages 4 – 16)
Family – 1 adult and up to 3 children NOK 449,-
From Hjelmeland
Adult NOK 399,-
Child NOK 199,- (4 – 16 år)
Family – 1 adult and up to 3 children NOK 399,-

Tour guides

Our guides speak both English and Norwegian. Other languages are also available.

Service on board

We have a simple self-service kiosk on board. Here you can buy mineral water and snacks.

Route map

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